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B i o g r a p h y

Bringing the harp to a different world than the one it is usually found in, Kate Wilde creates ethereal - yet structurally sound - compositions carried by poetic lyrics inspired by nature and the human condition. She grew up in New Jersey singing in church and school choirs; soon after, she began to learn the piano and guitar. Inspired by the nostalgic, warm sound of Iron & Wine, and the feminine brawn of the likes of Ani DiFranco, Fiona Apple, and Bjork, she began writing songs at age 15.


For years she shared only with friends and wrote mainly for self-exploration and healing, finding a home in music to process her tumultuous upbringing. After encouragement from friends and others who heard her music, and after actualizing her childhood dream of acquiring and teaching herself to play the harp, she released her first album and began to perform, opening for other artists and playing solo shows as well, and touring the west coast.


In 2014 she joined forces with Christophe Shepperdson, forming the duet The Ancient Wild, which took her all over the West coast in 8 states. Collectively the two artists played 150+ shows, as well as releasing four studio albums and one live album recorded in an old church. Their last album "Water in the Leaves" garnered press in their then-local Rogue Valley. Kate went on to perform solo shows at the Alberta Rose Theater, The Old Church, and other venues in Portland, OR. Nowadays, she is focusing on her solo venture, creating content for Patreon, livestreaming, and training to become certified as a clinical harpist.

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